Hurricane & Storm Clean-Up


hurricae-1The Atlantic Hurricane Season runs from June 1 to November 30. CPM’s promise to our clients’ properties and communities is that our professional storm response team will respond within hours of receiving the go ahead from local and state municipalities.

Don’t let inexperienced cutters take advantage of your community after a storm. Trust our Tree Care Division led by our Certified Arborists to clean up the damage, while preserving the integrity of your landscape.

We implement a four phase system to clear up entrances, roadways, fallen trees and debris. We also restore damaged landscape quickly and efficiently.

Four Phase Hurricane Storm Procedure

hurricane-2Phase I – Cut tree limbs off cars, buildings/homes driveways and roadways to ensure client safety and clean all roads and entrances

Phase II – Cut broken branches from trees, stack and remove debris, stake fallen and leaning trees

Phase III – Remove large logs and stumps

Phase IV – Restore landscape, repair irrigation, replace soil and sod and replace trees and shrubs

Storm damage clean-up is extremely dangerous, even for professionals! For your safety, only allow tree care professionals with the appropriate equipment and insurance to assist you after a hurricane.